Our Company

Zeeva International designs, engineers and manufactures cutting-edge electronic products. Delivering brilliant technology through innovation and experience, and combining it with emotional appeal.


One Vision, Diverse Solutions.

Our values have helped us achieve and deliver great products and services to our clients, allowing us to remain a strong and thriving company for over three decades.


Innovation is at the heart of Zeeva. We are always looking to push the limits of what is possible and always taking initiative. We have created an environment encouraging creativity where our team can express
fresh perspectives and ideas flow freely.


Integrity and commitment are central to our company and the way we do business. That means we value your partnerships and as well as our employees.

Highest Quality

As a ‘one-stop shop,’ we oversee the entire process from start to finish. We are involved in every step from the idea to following through to creation, ensuring the highest standards and quality.

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